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Human-Robot Cooperation

The project H-RoC is aimed at the development of innovative solutions for human-robot cooperation scenarios. In the following, outdoor construction sites are used as an example scenario. The robot has to act autonomously, observe the environment and react to obstacles. An important precondition for the acceptance of mobile robots is their ability of meaningful interaction with humans working at the construction site.

Mining RoX

logo-miningroxAutonomous mobile robots have been making impressive inroads into a variety of domains such as households (vacuum cleaning and lawn mowing robots), streets (autonomous cars), the deep sea (autonomous underwater vehicles), air space (unmanned drones), and even outer space (e.g. Mars rover). In the project “Mining-RoX” we explore a further frontier for autonomous robots: underground mines.


The Saxonian project improves the teaching material for robotics. It develops a common, open platform for software engineering on service robots. Saxon universities should be able to exchange software for standard robots that can be used in teaching, and to develop software in a simple way for teaching using standardized frameworks.

Headline Video Mining RoX

Towards a virtual mine using a mobile robot

Headline Video H-RoC

Our mobile robot inspecting its environment at the SpaceBot Cup 2015

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