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Headline Video T-RoX

Steering a robot arm with wearables

Headline Video H-RoC

Our mobile robot inspecting its environment at the SpaceBot Cup 2015

Headline Video Mining RoX

Virtualization of an Underground Mine

H-RoC:Evaluation of Touch Gestures

The usability tests provide information about how user friendly the software is. The conceptualized touch gestures are evaluated. The users even have the possibility to compile the touch gestures themselves. For this purpose, the finger movements are recorded and evaluated with the help of a tracking software. This information indicates how well the users use a robot with touch gestures. The findings can be taken into account in the development of the operating concept.

H-RoC: Control Center

The control center visualizes the data that is collected on the server, supports the planning of missions, and helps to solve problems. The data base of the control center includes collecting information from all participants of the construction site, providing services and data, and creating and maintaining the map.

H-RoC: Detection and Localization of Humans

The detection and localization of humans is needed for the gesture control, accident detection and alarm. The functioning is influenced by the lighting conditions, distance between robot and human as well as the clothing of humans. The video demonstrates that the developed algorithm works well even in a difficult environment.

H-RoC: Face Recognition and Tracking

This video demonstrates the working of the algorithm for recognizing and tracking faces.

H-RoC: Robot Control

The robot can be controlled with a mobile, touch-sensitive device. In addition, voice control is possible in selected situations.

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Project Mining RoX

Mining RoX: Drone

First Impressions of a Drone in an Underground Ore Mine

Mining RoX

Omnidirectional View of an Underground Mine

Mining RoX:mine drive

3D Fahrt durch ein Model der Reichen Zeche (Side-by-Side)

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Project T-RoX

SLAM-Demo in Gazebo-Simulator


PETER: ErklärRoboter

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